About AfriHUB Institute

The AfriHUB IT Academy is a renowned Academy Program partner to global IT vendors like Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco, NCC-Education, National Board for Technical Education etc. and offers a wide range of ICT courses specialist quality courses covering modules such as programming; web design, accounts; enterprise networking and many others, all over the country. All training is provided within high quality IT suites, tailor made for a professional, relaxed atmosphere with competent, and highly qualified professional lecturers of Information Technology.The majority of our courses are intensively taught, allowing the learner to put into practice what he or she has learnt and utilising it immediately outside of the classroom.However E-learning is also available enabling the learner to study at a pace to suit within their own home. Microsoft IT Academy Program "The Microsoft IT Academy program enables academic learning institutions to connect the world of education to the world of work by enabling faculty and students to acquire new technology skills in an academic setting. Microsoft IT Academies benefit from world-class Microsoft curriculum and cutting-edge software tools to experience real-world challenges in the classroom environment." www.microsoft.com/education/msitacademy